• 103% increase in Campus Town Startup Teams in 2021 compared to 2020: 646 teams (2,362 individuals) → 1,315 teams (5,239 individuals)
  • 1,315 Startup Teams, produced sales (total KRW 90.4 billion), attracted investment of KRW 80.6 billion
Business description
2021 Facility Residence Startup Performance
Startup Space
Area (㎡) Startup Teams
Team Members
Sales Amount
(KRW100 million)
Attraction of Investment
(KRW100 million)
Intellectual Property Rights
(including pending patents)
Total 115 706 33,068.5 1,315 5,239 90.4 80.6 1,381
Integrated Type 58 502 24,881.1 770 3,273 63.7 76.2 910
Unit Type 57 204 8,257.4 545 1,966 26.7 4.4 471
  • aking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis, Seoul Campus Town Festival 2021" ('21.10.29)


Seoul Mayor's Meeting
for Start-up companies.

Listening to the current status and suggestions through communication of representatives of start-up companies


IR Demo Day

Strengthening corporate capabilities such as attracting investment through competition among start-up companies.


11th Campus Town
Holding policy council

- Yonsei University - Seodaemun-gu, Gwanak-gu - Seoul National University Campus Town Best practice issue.

A Discussion on the Development of Campus Town

  • Expansion of the virtuous cycle of a startup ecosystem centered around Korea University Campus Town
  • Establishment of the virtuous cycle of an ecosystem: AEOL; promised reinvestment of 3% of business profit (at festival on Oct. 31)
    ※ Considerable delivery of 20 billion to LH; B2B agreement with Samsung Electronics (standing-type Scarlett; sales of 60 systems in Dec. 2019)

< Transfer Ceremony of Commitment Certificate >

< "Asia Today," Oct. 31, 2019 >

  • Encouragement of active participation by residents through locally connected programs and regional extension of the effects of the campus town
Encouragement of active participation by residents through locally connected programs and regional extension of the effects of the campus town
Local Festivals

Korea University "Ggeuleo Anam" Festival with participation of locals, students, entrepreneurs, cultural artists, and shop owners (Sept. 28, 2019, participation of 11,000 individuals)

Ggeuleo Anam Festival


Sookmyung Women’s University Revitalization of Yongmun Traditional Market through student-shop owner cooperation
  • Travelling Chinese classes for shop owners (participation of 65 shop owners)
  • 6 festivals (2,650 participants in 2018, 4,100 participants in 2019)
⇒ Increase in market sales including 227% rise of exchanges
  made with the Onnuri Gift Certificates in 2019
  (compared to 2017)

Dongyang Mirae University "Ground Gocheok" - program for revitalizing commercial areas (BI development, production and installation of new signs for 21 shops, designing of maps with information on commercial areas, etc.)

Yongmun Traditional
Market Festival

Ground Goceok BI


Seoul Women’s College of Nursing Well-aging education for elders that teach the prevention of dementia and healthcare(60 classes from 2017-2019)

Kwangwoon University Entrepreneur spirit and startup education for middle and high school students (38 schools, 994 students)

Sungkyunkwan University Touring tutor program for residents and students to discover village tourist attractions (fostering of 23 village commentators)

Well-aging Education

Kwangwoon University
Junior Academy


Kyung Hee University Operation of 3 open-type shops including "Nokwon"; profit set aside as village funds (KRW 12.3 million)

Hansung University Operation of social cooperation association "369 Village" (founded in April 2019)

Open-type shop, "Nokwon"